Visa Requirement For French

    • Pre-requisites
    • CERFA form n°14076*01 or 14571*05, duly completed, dated and signed
    • ID photographs (2)
    • If you are not a national of your country of residence, please provide proof of your legal residency in this country (e.g. residence permit, etc.).
    • Travel document, valid for at least three months after the planned date of return
    • Purpose of travel/stay
      • Pre-booked return ticket
      • Reservation confirmation of an organised trip or any other document describing the planned programme
    • Travel health insurance
      • Travel health insurance certificate valid for all Shengen States. List of approved insurance companies :
    • Accommodation
      • Proof of accomodation (in case of accommodation at a private individual) or hotel reservation or lease agreement.
    • Funds
      • Bank statements for the last 6 months, salary slip for the last 3 months, pension certificate
    • Socio-professional situation
      • Proofs of the professional situation (employment contract, work certificate mentionning the duration, dates and purpose of the trip, tax return for the previons 2 years) or any document relating to the applicant’s personal links in the country of residence.

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