Iran – Pilgrimage and other Visa

Directory of Visa Categories

As an applicant, you should be able to fulfill all the visa requirements according to laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran Pilgrimage form will be fill online.

A – Entry
  • Educational & cultural Faculty members and researchers
  • Common Carriers, transporting goods and people
  • Officials, political, and economic members, art and sports teams, international organizations and specialists
  • Internationally Recognized merchants and experts
  • The United Nations employees and affiliates
  • Relatives of the foreign citizens residing in Iran
C – Pilgrimage
  • Muslim Tourists
  • Visa application
  • Possible interview at the consulate

for online form filling of Iran Ziyara or Pilgrimage you may contact us on +92 333 5591505


B – Tourist

Visa for Foreign citizens who intend to travel to Iran for tourist purposes.

D – Diplomatic  Service
  • Temporary employees of diplomatic and consular offices, and International organization offices in Iran
  • Temporary guests of diplomats or official employees residing in Iran
  • Diplomatic or Official passport holders attending conferences, apprenticeship, cultural & educational programs, …
  • Diplomatic or Official passport holders with tourist or pilgrimage purposes
E – Education

Visa for foreign students or religious scholars who intend to study in Iran

  • School students
  • Student
  • Researchers
F – Temporary Work

Visa for foreign citizens who have the intention to work in Iran

  • Skilled workers
  • Specialists in the fields of medical, industrial
  • Engineers
G – Transit

Visa which allows foreign citizens to pass through Iran with no purpose of stay.

  • Drivers
  • Tourists
  • Merchants
H – Media

Visa for foreign media, including members of the radio, prints, digital, press, as well as directors and producers of films, reports, traveling to Iran to work in their profession.

  • Reporters
  • Producers
  • Cameraman
I – Investment

Visa for foreign investors whose investment permit is approved by the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran.

  • Merchants
  • Investors




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